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Shasta Chain Control

Shingletown Cam is located on the north side of HWY 44 in Shingletown

Lassen Park Cam is located in Shasta County on the south side of eastbound HWY 44 at the Lassen Park North Entrance

Bogard Rest Area Cam is located in Lassen County on SR44 at the entrance to Bogard Rest Area

RESULTS - Marksmanship Team (Winter 2009) 

Minuteman Mountain Wilderness Snowshoe Patrol __________________________________________

1st Annual

Winter Celebration of the Armed Citizen Militias of the American Revolution.

"Join or Die"

Date: March 15, 2009 

Our Group Photo

group20090315aaa.jpg (245906 bytes)

Biathlon  Photos - page 1;  Photos - page 2;  Photos - page 3; Photos - page 4;

                  Photos - page 5; Photos - page 6;  BIATHLON RESULTS

Conditions: 30 to 35 Mile per hour wind gusts,  estimated Temperature with wind chill factor - approx 7 to 14 degrees F; lightly blowing snow, cold (finger numbing / burning / stinging), snow depth approximately 28 + inches; Pistol Shooting,  Rifle shooting with snowshoe run , followed by  Hot Chili (or cold depending, on which batch you ate), French Bread (cold),  and cold water. Can't get any better than this!

(Rifle Marksmanship at 50 Yards with Snowshoe Run for each of 4 courses of fire (total 20 shots).

(Pistol Marksmanship -  2 courses of fire (5 shots each) (total - 10 shots). Below results are aggregate scores for both pistol courses of fire. Targets at distances ranging from 7 to 30  yard distances and with targets being at left and right of shooter. Thus, Pistol field of fire: 20 yards wide - 30 yards long.

Event Sequence: Opening Ceremony (April 19, 1775 and Minutemen - re-enacting our American Revolutionary War history; verbal presentation of our re-enacting scenario); followed by:  flag raising,  Star Spangled Banner (click to play); Pledge of Allegiance; American Minuteman Pledge); Safety briefing;  Minuteman Pistol Marksmanship; Minuteman Rifle Marksmanship and Snowshoe Run; Minuteman "hot" lunch; closing (flag lowering; retreat (click to play); taps (click to play); and then we return to our homes, hearth, and warmth.

Participants: Venturing Crew 40 

Final Score Results: 3/16/2009 (approved)

Rifle Youth

Pistol Youth

1st Place Name: Michael B. Name: Andrew
Green Mountain Boys Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: Crew 40 Crew/Troop: Guest
Time: Min: 10    Sec. 40.93 Time: Min:  --    Sec. 43.37
Hits: 19 Hits: 9
Com.Score: 293.1133 Com.Score: 295.7949
2nd Place Name: Ben R. Name: Michael B.
Concord Militia Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: Crew 40 Crew/Troop: T 40
Time: Min: 17    Sec. 58 Time: Min:  --     Sec. 26.65
Hits: 14 Hits: 4
Com.Score:  202.6956 Com.Score: 222.1364
3rd Place Name:    Andrew Name: Ben R.
Green Mountain Boys  Concord Militia
Crew/Troop: Guest Crew/Troop: C 40
Time: Min:  17    Sec. 18 Time: Min: --     Sec. 38.22
Hits: 9 Hits: 2
Com.Score: 164.1911 Com.Score: 142.0687



Rifle Adults

Pistol Adults

1st Place Name: Nathan Z. Name: Steve B.
Green River Rifles Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: Crew 40 Crew/Troop: 40
Time: Min: 10     Sec.  40 Time: Min:  --    Sec. 21.46
Hits: 18 Hits: 7
Com.Score: 417.7443 Com.Score: 379.1266
2nd Place Name: Steve B. Name: Nathan Z.
Green Mountain Boys Green River Rifles
Crew/Troop: Crew 40 Crew/Troop: T 40
Time: Min: 11     Sec. 7 Time: Min: --    Sec. 30
Hits: 9 Hits: 7
Com.Score:  296.8054 Com.Score: 378.7791



Pistol - Combined Youth and Adults

1st Place Name: Steve B.
Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: 40
Time: Min:  --    Sec. 21.46
Hits: 7
Com.Score: 227.143
2nd Place Name: Nathan Z.
Green River Rifles
Crew/Troop: T 40
Time: Min:  --     Sec. 30.00
Hits: 7
Com.Score: 194.3431
3rd Place Name: Andrew
Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: Guest
Time: Min:  --    Sec. 43.37
Hits: 9
Com.Score: 174.2968
4th Place Name: Michael B.
Green Mountain Boys
Crew/Troop: T 40
Time: Min:  --     Sec. 26.65
Hits: 4
Com.Score: 160.253
5th Place Name: Ben R.
Concord Militia
Crew/Troop: C 40
Time: Min: --     Sec. 38.22
Hits: 2
Com.Score: 84.51136

* Adults did a shorter Snowshoe Run for the Rifle Course.    Pistol Course was the same for adults and youth.


How the official Minuteman Biathlon Scoring is done:

The SCORING MASTER CONTROL SHEET (same scoring as for the Minuteman Summer Biathlon) reflects the following scoring methods:
Each Marksman's Total Score (and ranking) will be a combined  total of  his/her Race Score and his/her Hit Score determined as follows for each category ( i.e., Categories are: BSA Scope; BSA IRON; Venturing Scope; Venturing IRON) (Venturing has a girls and boys scoring):

Each running portion of the Biathlon will be scored using the following Percent Back System:

                  Marksman's  % Back = (2-(Marksman's  Time / Scoring Base)) X100

                  (The Running Scoring Base is the average time of the top three finishers)

(Formula Source: 2005 IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships)

Each Target Hit portion of the Biathlon  will be scored as follows:

                  (Marksman's Hits / Hit Scoring Base) X 120.

                  (The Hit Scoring Base is the average Hits of the top three finishers)

NOTE: The Marksmanship Portion is weighted 120 (not 100) due to the emphasis we are placing on shooting skills.


Biathlon  Photos - page 1;  Photos - page 2;  Photos - page 3; Photos - page 4;

                  Photos - page 5; Photos - page 6;  BIATHLON RESULTS

American Minuteman Pledge

Our Motto:

"Exercising the American Bill of Rights."


"The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them...."

Quoted from Joseph Story* in, “Commentaries on the Constitution” (1833). 

* Former Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court



"...The one thing that is absolute is that the Second Amendment guarantees a personal and individual right to keep and bear arms, and prohibits government from disarming the people...."

Quoted from: Silveira v. Lockyer - Dissent by: Judge Kozinski.


Summer Range Rules

Copy of: Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan Shingletown Ridge


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Proud to be an American


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The Battle of Bunker Hill - June 17, 1775 


August 1 and 2 mark the sixty-second anniversary of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee