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-Summer Biathlon - Minuteman Cross Country Run

    Summer 2010

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-Winter Mountain Patrol - Minuteman Snowshoe Patrol

    Winter 2011

    Winter 2010
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Snow Shoe Men Patrols




"2AToday for The USA"

Copy at LassenSharpshooters.com

"No Guns for Negroes" (racist history of American gun control laws)

Oath Keepers

10 Orders

Principles of Republic

Also see video

Rattlesnakes, Ticks ...
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Shasta Chain Control

Shingletown Cam is located on the north side of HWY 44 in Shingletown

Lassen Park Cam is located in Shasta County on the south side of eastbound HWY 44 at the Lassen Park North Entrance

Bogard Rest Area Cam is located in Lassen County on SR44 at the entrance to Bogard Rest Area

Marksmanship Awards - American Patriot Sharpshooter's Award Series 


American Patriot Sharpshooter Award Series

See Photo of Awards in Photo, below

1.  Summer - Minuteman Cross Country Biathlon

2.  Minuteman Mountain Wilderness Snowshoe Patrol  (Biathlon) 

3.  The Green River Rifles Mountain Sharpshooters Award (Battle of Cowpens)

4.  Saratoga Rifleman Award  (Sure Shot Tim)

5.  Minuteman Muster Call Award

6.  Minuteman  / Militia Uniform Patch Award - "Dont Tread on Me"

Rifle Caliber: .22 LR only (award series 1 through 4, above). We are using this caliber so that there is a standard for earning the awards. Further, shooting a .22 LR at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards to earn these awards is very challenging. The bullet drop is substantial, and the effect of wind on your shot can be very great. The experience should be of great assistance in shooting larger calibers. 

Rifle Caliber: For Award series #5, military calibers will be used (Venturing Crews only).

 Top Left in Photo: Summer - Minuteman Cross Country Biathlon Award

Top Middle in Photo:  The Green River Rifles Mountain Sharpshooters Award (Battle of Cowpens)

Top Right in Photo:   Saratoga Rifleman Award  (Sure Shot Tim)

1.  Summer - Minuteman Cross Country Biathlon

APIN010-1457 Pure Pewter 3 Dimensional Minuteman Lapel Pin

Above medal For Successful Completion.(APIN010-1457 Pure Pewter 3 Dimensional Minuteman Lapel Pin)

liberyordeathpatch.jpg (156465 bytes)

Patch Award

Plus: Bronze / Silver Oak Leaf (See ** below).

Click above for larger image (Source of patches)


2.  Minuteman Mountain Wilderness Snowshoe Patrol - (Minuteman Snowshoe Patrol) 

JoinORDie.jpg (29206 bytes)

 Patch Award

Click above for larger image (Source of patches)

Plus: Bronze / Silver Oak Leaf (See ** below).


.22 LR Course  (rifle). Timed Snowshoe race with shooting competition.  Mountain terrain. 

3.  Minuteman / Militia Uniform Patch Award:  




Patch Award

Source of  Patch “Oath Keepers” (use is with permission)



Requirements (draft):

      a.   Recite from memory the American Minuteman Pledge

      b.   Explain the meaning of each paragraph in the pledge (using the reference materials provided); 

       c.  state  what the imagery of the patch award is, using the reference materials provided (to be drafted);  and

       d.  watch the film "2A  IS  Good FOR YOU AND THE USA" (JPFO); and discuss: the films content;  what the individual right to keep and bear arms means to you as an American; and how this right protects all of your God given rights, freedoms and liberties.


4.   "The Green River Rifles" Mountain Sharpshooters Award  (Battle of Cowpens) 

Base Award (Medal):


Bronze Oak Leaf  

 Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

Silver Oak Leaf

 Silver Oak Leaf Cluster Also - alternative http://www.lifelibertyetc.com/product.aspx?pid=55

Green River Rifles: Qualification and history behind this award.

50 yard; 75 yard; and 100 yard qualification (rapid fire / multiple targets / multiple firing positions and locations).

5.   Saratoga Rifleman Award  (Sure Shot Tim)


Above Medal For Successful Completion

Saratoga Rifleman Award - Qualification and history behind this award. Requirements (2/9/08):

300 yard qualification (slow fire / prone).


A. Current member in good standing of a Venturing Crew (BSA), or BSA Troop within the Northern Rivers District, California. 

B.  Adult  leaders in good standing of a  Venturing Crew (BSA), or BSA Troop within the Northern Rivers District, California.

C.  All candidates for the Award must have successfully completed an NRA Rifle First Steps or NRA Basic Rifle Course prior to undertaking any courses of fire for the Award. 

D.  All requirements must be witnessed by either of the following: NRA Certified Rifle Instructor; and/or NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (CRI / RSO)

Requirements  (Ver: 5/24/08):

1. Targets and distance: Two - 9" round  targets spaced 3 feet apart at a distance of 300 yards from firing line. You will repeat the course of fire (below), ten (10) times for a total of 60 shots. Courses of fire do not have to be fired on the same day.

 2. At the start signal, for each course of fire, you will drop from a standing position (holding your firearm in a safe position) into a prone position (firearm may be loaded, but action must be open and safety on until you are ready to fire). You may use a sling and/or log/pack for support.

3. Course of Fire: A course of fire (6 shots) is as follows: from the prone position, fire first shot at target #1 followed by second shot at target #2, and repeat this procedure 2 more times for a total of six shots. All six shots must be fired within 6 minutes from the start signal, and all six shots must hit the target for the course of fire to be counted. If any target is missed during the course of fire, that course of fire doesn't qualify. Note: at this range, you will need to take into account the effect of winds.

4. Repeat the above course of fire 10 times, as above, for a total of 60 shots/hits.

5. .22 lr only. 

6.  Recite from memory the Lassen Sharpshooter's Pledge.

7. Read the history behind this award (below) and give a brief verbal explanation to RSO/Cert. Instructor.

8. Read the history behind this award.  and  at :Revolutionary War Historical Article

9. Awards: Certificate Suitable for framing.

Savings Bond - Amount to be determined and subject to funds available.

6.  Minuteman Muster Call Award

Source of above image

Requirements: participate in match with military style rifles (developing)

** Criteria: Bronze and Silver Oak Leaf Clusters are common devices placed on many United States military awards and decorations signifying multiple bestowals of a particular award. The number of oak leaf clusters indicates the second and subsequent awards of the decoration. One single oak leaf cluster, for example, is attached to the designated award and denotes a second award of that particular decoration. Service members do not wear more than one service ribbon on their ribbon rack even when they have received the award more than once. Instead, multiple awards are shown by attaching the oak leaves to the ribbon. One single oak leaf denotes the second award of that particular decoration. Two oak leaves denotes three awards. Four denote five awards. When the sixth award of a specific decoration is bestowed on the individual, a single “silver” bronze oak leaf is placed on the ribbon (as opposed to five bronze oak leaves). Oak leaves are most commonly employed by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force to denote multiple awards. The U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard typically employ Gold and Silver Stars to signify multiple awards. Specific use of these devices, however, vary between services.
items below - draft  ideas  

Future Award Insignia

Sons of Liberty


Flag of Colonel John Proctor's Battalion, raised in 1775. The "I.B.W.C.P" above the rattlesnake stands for Independent Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsyvania

One of the most interesting variations is the flag of Colonel John Proctor's Independent Battalion from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Tradition holds that in May 1775, when the citizens of Westmoreland gathered at the Hannastown Tavern and issued their own Declaration of Independence, they tore down the British flag that was flying there and made some modifications. The original flag had an open red field with the British ensign in the upper corner. They painted a coiled rattlesnake and its "Don't Tread on Me" warning onto the center, as if ready to strike at the Union Jack. This flag is one of the few that's still intact. It's at the William Penn Memorial Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


After the Revolution, rattlesnake flags became less common. General Washington and many members of Congress preferred stars, stripes, and more conventional symbols, such as the eagle.

See this link

The Rattlesnake Flag of Westmoreland Co. PA

to verify flag image.


Draft - Morgan's Rifles Sharpshooter Award

200 yard standing (with or without sling - no other support allowed). Scope or Iron. 

Target 15 1/4" round.

.22 lr.

6 shots (100% hits within 2 minutes) (any miss eliminates that 6 shot round); Repeat 10 times over. Total 60 shots 100% hits.

Morgan's Rifles Distinguished Sharpshooter Award

300 yard standing (same as above procedures) 

  donttread001.jpg (33532 bytes)



Revolutionary War - Longrifles

New Jersey Militia,

Battles of Lexington and Concord - New World Encyclopedia

Revolutionary War

gdhs_2004_2172919.jpg (334366 bytes)

Click above for larger image (Source of patches)

state  a brief history about the Gadsden flag (using the reference materials provided)





Our Motto:

"Exercising the American Bill of Rights."

Other awards in draft stage



"The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them...."

Quoted from Joseph Story* in, “Commentaries on the Constitution” (1833). 

* Former Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court



"...The one thing that is absolute is that the Second Amendment guarantees a personal and individual right to keep and bear arms, and prohibits government from disarming the people...."

Quoted from: Silveira v. Lockyer - Dissent by: Judge Kozinski.


Summer Range Rules

Copy of: Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan Shingletown Ridge


Star Spangled Banner USAF

Star Spangled Banner - USMC

Proud to be an American


Air Force 

Anchors Away




The Battle of Bunker Hill - June 17, 1775 


August 1 and 2 mark the sixty-second anniversary of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee